OMG Cream Cheese Bacon Dip!

Cream cheese is the ninja ingredient in so many of the best recipes.  You may not even know it's there until it hits you with its powerful awesomeness of flavor!  This dip truly packs that kind of kick-butt punch!   Did you know it's made with real cream?  Yeah, baby! 

Glühwein/Mulled Wine

Delicious mulled wine with christmas decoration at romantic fireplace

While I do adore me some holiday celebration eggnog, gimme my spicy-smooth, hand-warming mulled wine when it starts to get cold out there. Here's something to warm you up by the fire after that wonderful day of skiing or strolling the German Christmas market, or just pretending you just...

Hot Crab Ranch Dip

Crockpot / slow-cooker friendly! Stir up rich decedent flavor with this hot seafood dip. Surprise your guests with a nostalgic fondue party or a fun addition to a buffet menu. Crockpot or slow-cooker friendly or a reason to buy a shiny new fondue set! Try your hand...